Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The dreaded UFO, or: What's hiding in your drawers?

We all have them, don't we???

The dreaded UFO, or Unfinished Object (in my case Objects...)

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to finish a project before going on to the next one. 

The problem, however, if you want to call it that, lies stashed in some mini sets of drawers that I keep near my work-table. They are a great idea - somewhere to tidy away projects I'm working on till I get time to finish them - except that it's been a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'.

A recent exploration of said drawers revealed quite a lot of UFOs. And some beads I'd forgotten about too :)

So I'm on a mission to finish some of them. I started with this, begun a couple of months ago. It only actually took a couple of hours:

One down, just another drawer-load to go...

So, is it just me? 


  1. Don't do beading so nearest is when I put a bit of mending, say, or some ironing, something that needs a bit of attention - put it neatly to one side for 'later'; & conveniently forget all about it

    1. Lol! well I suppose there's at least the excuse with housework that it's not usually very exciting or creative (unless I'm missing something here ;)

  2. It is very definitely not just you! I have a bag of half-finished projects - mainly jewellery - as well as a growing pile of little unglazed ceramic things that I keep saying I will get ready to put in the next firing. I also have one huge wall hanging project that I have been working on as long as I have known my partner, which is over 7 years now! I have come to realise that I am much better at starting things than finishing them and like you I make resolutions to try and encourage myself to go through all these things and bring them to a close. They usually get abandoned at the point where I am not sure how to do something and need to go away and think about it, or if I need to make a decision about a colour or shape and am not ready to commit to it yet. The problem is I then start something else while I'm doing that consideration in an effort not to be idle and the poor original project gets forgotten. Hmmm...I probably really should try and address this lol... :) xx Lovely post that I'm sure lots of creative people can relate to!

    1. Lovely to see you here Beth - and yes, I can agree with a lot of what you say. I always start a project with great enthusiasm, then hit a snag, or run out a particular component, and like you this is when I put it aside. Well, at least we have something to turn to if our mojo should depart... (Btw, I like the sound of the little unglazed ceramic things - you should definitely finish them!)