Sunday, 2 March 2014

Latest additions to my Etsy shop

Well, in addition to the new teardrop earrings I showed you here, I have been steadily adding some new designs to my shop. 

It had been a while since I made any bracelets or necklaces, so I spent a couple of days focusing on these: 

Orange flower necklace
                     flower charm by Menagerie Studio

Black & Green Knot Necklace

Millefiori bracelet

Orange knotted leather bracelet

Then of course there were more earrings too:

Green agate earrings

Royal blue enamel earrings

including two pairs with gorgeous handmade ceramic beads by Bo Hulley :

Turquoise honey earrings

Blue polka dot earrings

And finally, a bit of fun: I'm not Irish, so I don't celebrate St. Patrick's day, but I just couldn't resist these beads!

Shamrock earrings


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  1. I must say that not only is your jewellery so beautiful, but you photograph it so well too, a feast for the eyes, wish my camera skills were better :D Angela x