Monday, 17 March 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party #8 - Off we go!

I am taking part in this annual event for the first time. It's organised by Lori Anderson from her blog.

To start the process, Lori pairs everyone up (a lot of work when there are over 400 of us!) Then we contact our partners and send them a 'bead soup', including a focal bead, a clasp and assorted beads to match.
Then we all have until May 3rd to come up with our designs.

I was very excited to meet my partner Maddison Langford, a graduate in fashion design, and an avid crafter with a shop on Etsy. She is a regular blogger and has lots of different interests and commitments, including teaching. Among other things, she makes the most intricate gemstone trees.

I had fun putting together my soup for Maddy - nothing like playing with your beads! I know she's received it now, so I can show you what I sent. (Another blog post to follow when her soup arrives with me :)

The focal is this handmade ceramic pendant by Natalie Fletcher of Peruzi. I have quite a stash of her wonderful beads...

Using the colours in the pendant, I added Czech glass -
metallic elements -
some semi-precious stones - 
and some other little bits and pieces - 

Oh yes, and I couldn't resist including this little fellow (made by Angela Pyke of BMUB on Etsy - 

Here it is all together - 

I can't wait to see what Maddy makes :)


  1. What a beautiful rich looking soup. I'm sure your partner was thrilled!

  2. A lovely colour mix of quality beads