Friday, 25 May 2012

May Flowers

Well, up until a week or so ago it still felt like winter, with cold winds and constant rain. Everything outside was soggy and, frankly, uninviting.

Now, suddenly, we've been enjoying the kind of weather which we always long for in summer (and rarely get, of course!)

Very confusing for us humans, as we have to find our 'summer' clothes, packed away somewhere, and get used to having windows open all day, and being able to hang out the washing again!

As ever, the natural world seems able to cope. Turn your back for just a second at this time of year, and everything has shot up, filled out, and become beautiful.

The apple blossom is out:

The tulips and wallflowers are hanging on (only just):

And who would ever have thought dandelions could be so beautiful?

Thankfully, this is a nearby field, not my garden, so I can just enjoy them!

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